Recording of CIBRN Gastroenterology Webinar Now Available Online

We invite you to listen to an in-depth discussion of Question #1 and Question #2 in the CIBRN community on Sosido, as presented by Dr. Vipul Jairath and Dr. David Morgan, recorded at the CIBRN Gastroenterology Webinar, November 24, 2016. Link to recorded webinar.

Question #1: Based on data presented so far, is there sufficient evidence to consider non-medical switching of biologics in stable patients on treatment? If no, what data would you wish to see before you do this in your clinical practice. Link to discussion on Sosido.

Question #2: Based on data published to this point, when starting a patient on infliximab do you think we should be using originator molecules, only biosimilars or either molecule in naïve patients? What factors influence your considerations? Link to discussion on Sosido.