Recording of CIBRN Rheumatology Webinar Now Available Online

We invite you to listen to an in-depth discussion of CIBRN Question #3 & Question #4, as presented by Dr. Carter Thorne and Dr. Philip Baer, recorded at the CIBRN Rheumatology Webinar, December 1, 2016. Link to recorded webinar.

CIBRN Question #3: How confident can rheumatologists be in the results of the Nor-switch study to inform their biologic choices in everyday practice? Link to discussion on Sosido.

CIBRN Question #4: Given that patients in Nor-switch had been on an originator infliximab for a mean of 6+ years, is the rate of disease worsening over 1 year of 26-29% concerning regarding the face validity of the study? Link to discussion on Sosido.