Segment 4 of Scientific reView on CIBRN TV: Click to view Drs. Khanna, Jairath and Baer on clinical implications and NOR-SWITCH -interchangeability

This week on Scientific reView, we highlight the two video segments exploring (1) Clinical Implications and 2) NOR-SWITCH – Interchangeability.
Click here to access to the entire Scientific ReView:
As a reminder, the subject of the reView is the following article: Khanna RIs a Biosimilar Interchangeable With an Originator? Gastroenterology 2017; 153:1160-1164 [download full text of article]
CIBRN members interviewed: Drs. Reena Khanna (London, Canada), Vipul Jairath (London, Canada) and Philip Baer (Scarborough, Canada).