Segment 5 of Scientific reView on CIBRN TV: Click to view Drs. Khanna, Jairath and Baer on 1) Impact of the Article, 2) Role of the Clinician and 3) Role of the Payor

This week on Scientific reView, we highlight the final three video segments exploring 1) Impact of the Article, 2) Role of the Clinician and 3) Role of the Payor.

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As a reminder, the subject of the reView is the following article: Khanna R. Is a Biosimilar Interchangeable With an Originator? Gastroenterology 2017; 153:1160-1164 [download full text of article]

CIBRN members interviewed: Drs. Reena Khanna (London, Canada), Vipul Jairath (London, Canada) and Philip Baer (Scarborough, Canada).