Join the CIBRN Leaders for a webinar on Wednesday, Jun 19, 8:30 pm ET.

Please join the CIBRN Leaders for Webinar 2 of 2019 on Wednesday, Jun 19 at 8:30 pm ET. The webinar will review the recent discussions and podcast in the CIBRN community:

  • CIBRN 2019 Q3: Are you aware of Health Canada’s new policy on the naming of biologic reference drugs and their biosimilars? Do you think it is sufficient to prevent confusion between drugs and to allow for proper pharmacovigilance? [View 2 replies to date]
  • CIBRN 2019 Q4: Aside from any scientific concerns, do you feel prepared to handle conversations with patients around transitioning (non-medical switching) of stable patients on reference biologics to biosimilars? Do you have the resources available to manage this situation? If not, what resources would you require? [View 2 replies to date]

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